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Dr. Byron Haney

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Dr. Byron earned his medical degree from Indiana University in 1982 and completed his residency in Family Practice at Scenic General Hospital in Modesto, California. He then opened his own private Family Medicine practice in Oakdale, California. 5 years later that Dr. Haney brought his family to Kittitas County, though his history with Ellensburg began years earlier through the cattle industry. He funded his college education through a commercial nut harvesting and beef business. He founded Family Health Care of Ellensburg in 1990 with the support of his wife Rosie, and their three children Ryan, Gary, and Dena. 


From when he first started his journey into medicine, Dr. Byron had a passion for patient care that drove him to be the best physician he could be. That passion drove him for decades to work countless hours and overcome numerous obstacles so that his patients were always able to receive the personalized care they deserved. He has watched the value level of healthcare slowly being eroded by the bureaucracy of governmental legislation in recent years, increasing the cost of healthcare, decreasing the quality of patient care, and decreasing patient satisfaction. 

Dr. Byron is now rejuventated by the model of Direct Primary Care which has finally allowed him to work directly with his patients without the middle men and this has made medicine great, easy, affordable- a positive experience for all. Dr. Byron founded CompassDirect Healthcare to return medicine to a high value healing relationship between doctor and patient rather than a business transaction. 

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