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John Sand, MD, FACOG

Dr. Sand offers comprehensive care for women of all ages as well as prenatal and postnatal pregnancy care here at the clinic. He is a board-certified fellow of the American Board of Obstetrics and Gynecology and a Fellow of the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists.


Originally from San Diego, Dr. Sand first came to the Pacific Northwest to stay with his brother who was in the Navy and stationed in Keyport, WA. When he ran out of money, he found a job picking apples and pears for an orchardist in Selah, WA. He later went on to attend San Diego State University, majoring in Chemistry, followed by medical school at the University of California in Davis. As a medical student, Dr. Sand took the time to read the New Testament and then chose to accept Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior.


After completing an Internal Medicine residency in San Francisco, he began working for Indian Health Service. While working for Indian Health Services, he attended the University of New Mexico Obstetrics and Gynecology Program, and it was there that he married his wife Kathy. He graduated in 1981 and continued working for Indian Health Service as an OB/GYN through 1983. While visiting Erwin Shipley, the orchardist he had picked fruit for in Selah years earlier, Dr. Sand and Kathy discovered the beautiful Kittitas Valley, and upon visiting Ellensburg, they learned that there was a need for an OBGYN. The rest is history! 

Dr. Sand and Kathy have 4 children- Garrett works in admin at CWU, Johnny works in Portland in "cloud engineering", Brett has Down's syndrome and lives at home, and their youngest Elizabeth who is 22 years old is currently looking for a job. Give us a call here at the clinic if you have any leads for her!


Dr. Sand has a big heart to serve and help others and has done charity work in Mexico, the Dominican Republic, and Chile. He also volunteers for Ski Patrol and Search and Rescue. In his free time he loves biking, hiking, cross-country skiing, and he plays the fiddle. Dr. Sand has many years of valuable experience and wisdom to share, we are so incredibly blessed to have him on our team. The last line of the “The River “ song he wrote for a yearly party in mid-winter on an island in the Yakima river: “Put down your troubles and put down your cares, take a look around you, breathe that fresh air, and know that The Good Lord would have us enjoy, yes enjoy this day today.”

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