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Everyone benefits from Direct Primary Care 

Growing Families

FREE Diapers at Well Visit, 1st Year of Life

Discuss urgent concerns whenever needed

Easy to reach provider with questions remotely

Save time & expense of ER or Urgent care

Sports physicals are included


Trusted provider who knows you well

Emphasis on lifestyle changes & prevention

Decreased chance of needing hospital care

Coordinated specialty care

Unlimited office visits

College Students

Easily contact your doctor by cell, text, video

Coordinated care while away from home

Trusted provider who knows you well

Predictable primary care costs & transparency

Convenient office visits, including virtual

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As a member of CompassDirect Healthcare you'll be part of an intimate family practice designed to cater to the needs of each of our patients. 

Young Professionals

Avoid taking time off with virtual visits

We work around your busy schedule

Save time & expense of ER or urgent care

Keep your provider regardless of insurance

No wait times so you can get in and out


Time to address complex issues

Decreased cost of prescriptions & labs

Help navigating complex health system

Decreased chance of needing hospital care

Home visits when appropriate

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Baby in diaper during a medical isolated
little boy in a cast.child with a broken
medicine, technology and healthcare conc


  • Low-cost membership

  • Works to serve the patient

  • No billing hassles

  • All inclusive primary care

  • <900 patients/provider

  • Extended visits

  • Innovative delivery system

  • Decreased ER & hospital Visits

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