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I would love to give a huge shout out to Compass Direct Healthcare, they were AMAZING with my daughter!!! She had her 2 year old Well Child appointment today and right when we pulled up she covered her ears and started crying (apparently she remembered the last 2x we have gone there for ear infections). The staff were all so patient and sweet with her and her anxiousness to be there. The provider made it a priority to make this a positive experience & earn her trust by making “thumb doggies & showing her pictures of his daughters dogs. By the end of the appointment she literally wanted to go home with him & gave him lots of hugs. Thank you to all the staff at Compass Direct Healthcare for taking the time to show compassion towards my daughter. Thank you for bringing the quality & compassion back into healthcare. 💞

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I transferred my family to another clinic because we have great insurance and we wanted to use it. We were confused about how direct primary care worked and we didn't take the time to come in and ask questions. I think a lot of people did the same thing as us. After we transferred, we found that accessibility was constantly a problem and we quickly discovered that we need great healthcare and that's more important than using your insurance. Now that we have transferred back, we have peace of mind. We understand direct primary care now. We can get in quickly without wait times and know that we will always be well cared for. You can't put a price on that.

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What  I love most about CompassDirect Healthcare is the friendly atmosphere; they all know my name! I also love that it's easy to get an appointment and the doctor always spends more than 15 minutes with me. I typically wait 0 minutes in the waiting room and the doctor spends anywhere from 20 to 60 minutes with me, depending on my needs. The convience of filling my prescriptions at the clinic at wholesale prices is an added bonus.  I tell others about CompassDirect all the time and definitely recommend it to others! 


What I love most about direct care is the fact that I have already saved a lot of money! The prescription savings are amazing. I had to have Xrays done and some meds prescribed and the cost savings for me was beyond what I ever expected. One prescription, for example, was more than $40.00 at the pharmacy for 90 pills but at the clinic it was only $4.00! I love that x-rays are only $15.00 and there are no co-pays! The first month of Direct Care has already paid for itself. I find this new system perfect for me and my husband. As we get older, we never had the time to truly talk to our provider about how we were feeling, what hurt, or any other concerns. This time was vastly different. I felt that the care I received was the best in a VERY long time, since Ryan could spend the time with me to get to the root of my pain issues. It's a wonderful change of pace to have someone talk, listen, and not have to rush through diagnosis or treatment! Thank you for implementing this amazing care plan!!


A U.S. medical patient spends an average of 90 minutes in a clinic for a normal office visit – from the time they walk in the door, wait, are initially received and vitals taken, wait, spend a few minutes with their provider, wait, and are finally released and leave. In this 90 minutes they are with their provider an average of around 7 minutes.


For my first visit I was in the clinic right at 90 minutes. My wait time was zero minutes – literally walked straight to the nurses station where they were waiting for me to arrive. My provider walked by and began conversing while I was still having my blood pressure taken, and I was fully engaged with his attention minutes later. We had ample time to talk about my health plan, address a minor issue, get a routine physical, and explore the education needed so I can be an even better patient. Yes, I timed it, and I was waiting on the nurses, the provider, and other staff a total of 7 minutes in the 90 minutes I was in the clinic. The rest of the time the team was working with me to make my health as good as it can be! And this level of service for only $50/mo. This is slightly more than I’ve paid on average for my equivalent primary care Co-pays and deductibles, but at a service level so much higher I can’t begin to compare it.


Way to go CompassDirect Healthcare! It has been a long time coming, but your time has come.

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I would highly recommend CompassDirect (and I am not a person who is easily impressed)! The staff is amazing with adults and with children. There are no wait times, no co pays, and no giant/expensive bills from your insurance provider. This is by far the best and most personal care we have ever received and I could not be happier with our decision to join; I wish more people could see what this is all about and why it might be a fantastic decision for you and your family. We have saved SO much money by being with CompassDirect; prescriptions are dirt cheap, YOU and your doctor get to choose your course of action medically (including the specialists you see), NOT your insurance company. My family is so thankful for this office, their genuine care, and their super quick responses to texts, calls and emails. The concept here is a little out of the box, but once you understand it, you will see just how amazing and advantageous it is. I hope more of my family and friends will join as I know they will be blown away by all of the benefits.


What I love most about CompassDirect Healthcare is the fact that there are no long wait times and we receive very personal care. I used to stress about whether or not I should come into the office and spend a bunch of money and time. Therefore I left many of our family's health needs uncared for. Now I just go in because there are no big extra insurance costs. I can choose which specialists our family goes to, instead of our insurance dictating that. Our prescriptions are also costing way less. 

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