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If you want a trusted provider who will spend time with you, who will stay in touch with you, and who you can trust, then Direct Care is for you.

What exactly is a
Direct Primary Care clinic? 
Do you have questions
or concerns? 

We have returned the practice of medicine to its roots:

the relationship between the patient and provider.  

Friendly pediatrician doctor giving high

Extended, unrushed office visits means time to listen to you, resulting in a better patient experience, better care, & improved clinical outcomes.

Happy Elderly Couple.

Visit our office, call, text, or email us. Members enjoy same-day appointments for both acute & non-acute care, virtual visits, & home visits! 

Piggy bank lifting a prescription medici

Your low monthly subscription covers your primary care needs. When you come to see us, leave your wallet at home. You won't need it. 

I transferred my family to another clinic because we have great insurance and we wanted to use it. We were confused about how direct primary care worked and we didn't take the time to come in and ask questions. I think a lot of people did the same thing as us. After we transferred, we found that accessibility was constantly a problem and we quickly discovered that we need great healthcare and that's more important than using your insurance. Now that we have transferred back, we have peace of mind. We understand direct primary care now. We can get in quickly without wait times and know that we will always be well cared for. You can't put a price on that.


Our low-cost monthly membership fee compares to your cellphone bill. For an average of just $2 a day you receive simple, old-fashioned, personalized access to your provider.


No wait times. No unnecessary barriers. No inflated costs. No copays. No hidden fees.

Just high quality healthcare. 





Ages 0-25
Ages 26-44
Ages 45-64
Ages 65+
*0-17 w/an
adult member only
Family Cap = $275
(excludes Prenatal/Postnatal care)
 Prenatal/Postnatal Care


Includes 1st/2nd/3rd trimester visits, post-partum care up to 12 weeks after delivery, ultrasounds, on-call services, and care coordination. 


CompassDirect Healthcare providers do not provide delivery services; we will however communicate and coordinate with the hospital or birthing center of your choice.  




As providers working in a direct primary care model, we can dispense prescriptions from our office at near-wholesale prices. 


That way, members can get a lower cost than they might at a pharmacy.

Plus, because prescriptions are filled in-house, there's no need to make another stop.  

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