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Better For Patients. Better For Doctors.

Updated: Aug 21, 2019

Step into the future of primary care. Direct Primary Care (DPC) is an emerging trend among primary care providers that is revolutionizing the way you receive your healthcare and you are going to love it! Why? Because there's no waiting, no rushed appointments, and absolutely no insurance hassles whatsoever. And, it's actually affordable. It's modern care, with an old time feel.

It's modern care, with an old-time feel.

Focused On Your Health, Not Your Insurance

In a traditional fee for service model, doctors are paid based on how many people they see, tests they order, or procedures they do.  This leads to our current system of rapid-substandard healthcare, complete with many tests and quick referrals. Doctors barely have any time to listen or think through what is best for your health when they have a line-up of frustrated patients waiting for them out in the waiting room. Not only is this system frustrating for patients and doctors alike, this system doesn't pay doctors for all the behind the scenes work they have to do, such as making updates to your medical record or coordinating your care. Did you know that for every 1 hour a doctor spends face to face with patients they spend an additional 2 hours documenting the work completed? Why? Because they'll never get paid by insurance companies if they don't. All of this and more has led us to a system where it's difficult to speak to your doctor outside of a harried office visit that you often have to wait a long time for.

This broken system is driving doctors across the country to either quit practicing medicine altogether or find a new way. We here at Family Health Care came to this crossroads and thankfully found a new way, one that turns out to be WAY better than the old way. The direct primary care model, which charges a simple monthly membership fee to patients for primary care services, has been rapidly adopted in private medical practices across the United States, and is quickly replacing the traditional fee-for-service payment model. Direct primary care meets the quadruple aim, something our providers have always been passionate about fulfilling. The quadruple aim seeks to 1. Improve the patient experience of care; 2. Improving the health of patients; 3. Reducing the per capita cost of healthcare; 4. Improve the experience of providing care. Now with direct primary care, we can fulfill all 4 simply by cutting out the middlemen (insurance, government, etc).

In direct primary care, instead of paying for each visit or procedure, you pay a monthly fee. This monthly fee frees the doctor from a model that promotes productivity over quality and allows a focus on you and what you really need.  This leads to more time with your doctor when you need it and convenient easy access outside the doctors office visit structure (phone, text, email, etc).

The Provider You Call. The Provider You Trust

As direct primary care providers, we are dedicated to providing you with high-quality, unhurried primary care. You can see your direct primary care doctor for all routine and preventive services like checkups, urgent care and chronic care management. Many times having this relationship and access can save you visits to more expensive venues like the hospital or emergency room.

Bottom line. Direct primary care is better for patients AND better for doctors.

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