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Dr. Byron: A Letter to my Family Health Care Patients

Updated: Aug 19, 2019

To my patients (fellow healthcare navigators):

Family Health Care of Ellensburg is re-setting the direction of her sail towards an emerging solution rather than further participating in the storm of a growing healthcare crisis.

I've heard your lamenting of the rough seas surrounding copays, lengthy office wait times or visits that could be done over the phone, high cost of both prescriptions and insurance premiums, doctors only wanting to address one problem at a time and insurance companies denying appropriate care.

When I first started my journey into medicine, I remember the passion for patient care that drove me to be the best physician I could. My dream in life was to help care for others during their joys and sorrows and to mutually prevent disease and dis-ease whenever we could. That passion has driven me for decades to work countless hours and overcome numerous obstacles so that my patients were always able to receive the personalized care they deserved.

Unfortunately, we exist in a broken healthcare ecosystem. Despite my best efforts, I have watched the value level of healthcare slowly being eroded by the bureaucracy inventions of governmental legislation. It has increased your cost of healthcare, decreased the quality of your care, and decreased the satisfaction of your healthcare. To you, this fails the "Triple Aim" we mutually desire. It is known the Triple Aim is not sustainable if there is a concurrent collapse of the quality of life of the healthcare providers, a fourth aspect of quality health.

This regulatory burden has become so massive, that many physicians suffer from burnout and are continually relocating to find peace and work life balance. Likewise, I did not go to medical school to spend more time on needless computer and paper work than I spend with my patients or my wife Rosie. I used to have the time to run my own business, go to patient funerals, deliver 4-5 babies per month, care for my patients in the ICU and have personal time.

Come sail into the emerging safe haven solution of Direct Primary Care (DPC). DPC is enhanced and personalized health care without the interference of insurance companies. Using a membership model to cut out the middle man, you get incredible access to me, including most of our services for a flat inexpensive monthly membership fee.

Starting this October, Family Health Care of Ellensburg will be transitioning to CompassDirect Healthcare.

I would like to invite you on an exciting new journey with me. I desire your support as we reshape the face of medicine we mutually deserve. DPC is one of the fastest growing models in medicine today because it minimizes bureaucratic headaches and expenses so that physicians can focus on helping their patients maximize their health by eliminating waste and unnecessary expenses. It is a fascinating model where we will be able to offer unlimited visits in the office or by phone, text message, email or video. You will have no co-pays and furthermore we have access to offer medications, labs and other tests wholesale to you at a savings up to 95%. Patients, for example, may have choices where a total knee replacement could be obtained for a 50% price reduction or an LS-spine MRI at nearly the same cost of a LS-spine x-ray in a hospital. The savings on the cost of diapers during the first year of life will be greater than the child's membership fee for their first year of life.

All patients are eligible to join CompassDirect Healthcare no matter what insurance they have. Those with a DPC membership and higher deductible plan can find the greatest savings in their annual healthcare budget. 50% reduction is not unheard of. Combining DPC with a catastrophic medical sharing plan can see up to 80% reduction in annual healthcare cost.

CompassDirect Healthcare will return medicine to a high value healing relationship between doctor and patient rather than a business transaction.

I trust you are as rejuvenated by this opportunity as I am. Together we can again make medicine great, easy, affordable and a positive experience. But I cannot do it alone, I need the support of you, our office team, and my family to help grow this from the ground up. My dream medical practice has always been a community of physicians, providers, nurses, and patients all working in harmony for good health via the Quadruple Aim.

Please help share and spread the word that CompassDirect Healthcare is a better way for patients to receive their healthcare.

For more information and to stay abreast please visit our new website at

Thank you and I look forward to serving you,

Dr. Byron

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